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Brian Lovett
Lauren Elise Adamski
Joseph Sutton
State of Oregon V. Renee Beaudoin
Portland OR

According to an incident report (#08-50750), Lorrie Adamski and Joe Sutton were pulled over after they were seen doing a drug buy outside a home at 4811 SE 85th ave. (they parked illegally to do a "hit-and-run" buy in a blue/gold bronco with expired license plates (058-ABX)). Sutton was driving at the time and gave permission for the cop to search him and the bronco for drugs, Adamski was a passenger. No drugs were found in the vehicle or on Sutton, so the report says: "I [Officer Delong] then went over to Adamski and I said: please hand me all the drugs you just bought". Adamski reached into her bra, pulled out a baggie of meth and handed it to me (Delong)." Further, "Adamski told me (Delong] that Sutton, her boyfriend, had called a girl named "Renee" and ordered $40.00 worth of meth, at which time Rene had told Sutton to come to "Brian's" house. continuing in the narrative:

They drove to 4811 SE 85th ave, parked, and Brian (Ao/Lovett) brought out a $40.00 baggie of meth from the house and handed it to her (Adamski) at the bronco. She and Sutton gave Lovett $40 and then they drove away and were stopped by me."..... "I [Officer Delong] then spoke to Sutton, who was not near Adamski and I when she had handed me the meth and told me how they acquired it. Sutton told me the same story that Adamski had told me, adding that he had called Renee and asked her if he could "see her", which he said, meant can I buy some meth".

The narrative goes on to say: "Then we drove back to 4811 SE 85th ave. where I contacted Ao/Lovett, who was standing outside. I told Lovett that I had arrested Beaudoin, and I told him I had watched him make a drug deal with Adamski and Sutton. Lovett admitted to me that Beaudoin has been inside of his house with him, and that she had handed him some meth and told him to take it outside to Sutton, which Lovett then did. I asked Lovett how much money Sutton had given him. Lovett replied $40. Lovett said he then gave the $40 to Beaudoin. In incident report #07-185454 by Officer Kenagy, at The Days Inn on SE Sunnyside Rd., "Mr. A", who was being detained there said that "he had been asked by a friend of his, BRIAN LOVETT, to come to the motel room and pick up several duffel bags full of personal items and bring them back to LOVETT at LOVETT's residence on SE 85th ave". (where they had already busted the other two rats and spoke with Lovett). As it turns out, LOVETT was the TRUE owner of the Acura that "Mr. A" was driving, AND BRIAN LOVETT was the renter of room #147, where Beaudoin had just been arrested, alone, with a substantial quantity of meth left in the room...... Can anyone say "SETUP"?

Sheryl Kelly

Sheryl Kelly
formerly of 13110 SE Powell Blvd, Apt # 1
Portland, OR

Middle-aged female, med-dark hair which she has dyed auburn. Chubby around the middle, she is very plain and unremarkable. She does, however, go out of her way to cater to the tastes of the younger set, even acting like a "mother figure". Sheryl has a daughter "Kim" and a son who is the younger. Both children are bi-racial.

Sheryl Kelly is possibly one of the most damaging paid informants working in the Portland Oregon area right now. Sheryl has managed to escape detection for decades by masterfully gleaning info from our youngest generations, rather than putting herself at risk by doing her own dirty-work. The effect is the same. Here is some history:

In the 80's, Sheryl managed some apartments on the southeast side, on S.E. Ellis, and later in St. Johns, on N. Lombard. Sheryl herself, is a meth user, and attracts that crowd. As apartment "manager", she has the ability to supply a "safe" place to "cook" meth (for a fee, a cut of the product, of course). But as the process draws near completion, the police magically show up to make the bust. Often times, the product is very much short of what it should have been, most likely from Sheryl extracting her "cut" before the evidence is taken away, and then she is paid by police for her work. This has been going on for decades, right under our noses, involving some of our kids.

In the 90's, she managed the Lombard Terrace apartments, located on N. Lombard at N. St. Louis. There were at least 4 similar incidents involving meth in empty apartments, and an identity theft/check printing scam involving Kevin McCracken (who incident to an investigation and subsequent arrest for striking a 12 year old child) was found by police to be in possession of freshly printed currency and checks (in plain sight), but was never charged with any of it. His girl friend (involuntarily) took the hit and did the time for his previous pot bust. Last information was that Mr. McCracken was living in SW Portland with Marvin Hayes and had taken a job with a computer software company because of his expertise with a computer.-- Go figure.

Sheryl had traded some checks to some persons she knew who often wrote checks, swearing that she had stolen them from the apartment's mail herself (She'll do most anything for a bag of meth, even fill a baggie with plant food and demand a replacement). When the checks were taken to a bank later that same day, there was a sting in place and police were waiting for them. Since the victims-to-be were quick-thinkers, there were no arrests made at that time, so Sheryl probably missed out on getting paid for that least temporarily.

Sheryl keeps a "rolodex" where she keeps any info that she gleans on any particular person until she has enough to turn in for another paycheck. She gets info by getting the "kids" that she has hanging around her to ask around for anyone who might be interested in trading meth for her merchandise, of course, cutting them in on the proceeds. These young "kids" are no match for Sheryl Kelly, who has been deceiving people for decades, and collecting payment for her "work" as a confidential informant. Sheryl has reliably handed over more than a dozen unsuspecting victims to the police.

Sheryl was last known in the vicinity of 130th and southeast Powell blvd., where she has set up a "flop-house" for the youngsters. Use extreme caution, she is undoubtedly fishing for information, and her information reports directly to Sgt. Doug Justus, and anybody who has been around knows who he is. There is little doubt that Sheryl, sometimes calling herself "Sherray", has been planted in the area.

Repeat--- Sheryl Kelly is a very dangerous paid informant, and she is very good at what she does. Spread the word and DO NOT ENGAGE her for any reason, unless you wish to take on Sgt. Doug Justus of the Portland Police Bureau.

Sheryl was last seen working in a southeast Portland smoke-shop as a cashier---They give meth users cashier's jobs? Of course, informants can hide their history if they need to. Everyone mentioned in this post was an associate of Harold Hayes.

Pat Kiser- Lee Haney

Pat Kiser
Sheldon Lee Haney

Pat Kiser is about 50-ish, short red dyed hair and walks with a limp. Pat works for Hawthorne Fred Meyers as a grocery checkout clerk. Pat also toots meth, while her Lee slams. These two seem "normal" when you first meet them, but a little "quirky". But piss her off and there is no end to what she'll do to spite you. She has had several restraining orders put on her because she turns into the psycho-bitch-from-hell, throwing handfuls of syringes on the front lawn in front of cops, setting traps for people to fall on, and a host of other spiteful things, like pushing the elderly around. Then, if that doesn't do it, she'll turn to her pet cop, who'll help her out. He'll interfere in civil court proceedings on her behalf, put in a word against you with your PO if you have one, and there's evidence that she'll buy dope, then when she gets pissed off, she'll turn you in for selling dope, forgetting to mention you sold it to HER and/or LEE, who is just as bad as she is.

Lee Haney likes to play head games, he's a lying manipulator and a thief. He threatens and intimidates with his height (he's about 6 ft 4in.) He chased a retreating officer to his car, whining about "broken" junk, and anything else he could think of that people involved might have done illegal, but the poor cop just wanted to get away from this fucking whiner. This is called "dry-snitching". Lee has a history of fraternizing with the Feds. He has been known to be a snitch for about 6 years now, when he rolled on his own partner, who, of course went to prison, while Lee got nothing but a drug program. Lee will tell you he has never been busted for anything more than a little weed---don't believe it. They are also quite accomplished snoops---they'll eavesdrop on the phone, steal your mail, steal info from your phone messages and write down license plates of your visitors, hoping to get some dirt (blackmail ammunition) on you, and they WILL tell on you when they don't get their way.

These two losers live in their red ford van in a SE Portland alley. They both ride bikes everywhere because neither is legal to drive. They are probably living in their red ford van again, because no one wants them in their house. As their history shows, do them a favor, they'll kick you in the teeth anyway---they're both about as self-centered as it gets. Don't be fooled by these two losers, and don't set yourself up to be blackmailed either. Kick these two rats to the curb... once they get their tails in the door, you'll have hell getting rid of them...

Normally, we don't like to include personal vices, but since these two use their habits as a weapon when they get mad, we felt it only right to warn people so they don't get caught by surprise.

David Ross Nonnemaker

David Ross Nonnemaker

Scam: Claims to be rich, retired business man wrongfully convicted for deceptive business practices “theft”embezzlement from mining, timber, land, trucking company, and deep sea mining operation disputes. Claims to have lots of money and wants to spend it. Never to be buying or doing things for himself, but claims he is always wanting to help out an old school friend or family relative and so on.

(Person sending this info has met DAVID ROSS NONNEMAKER, and says that you would not suspect he is what he is.) That's the mark of any successful rat---no visible tail.

He was an informant in Idaho, Montana and their State Prisons about 11-20 years ago. His face and name are too well known there so he is way out west. He is a real fast talker and really talks a big game. All he wants to know is who you know and what you know about any questionable activity. He runs many scams. He lied, setup, and screwed my brother and friends that got convicted and put away for a long time on small non violent charges. I will not let him get away with ruining hard working good people and families. He got no convictions and bought a new truck at the end of the trial? SMALL CHARGES HARD TIME!!! PLEASE STOP HIM and his deceit. His wife, according to the person submitting this, is also part of the informant racket.

His current information..

Age 47 or 48
Married to Cherry V. Nonnemaker
2 young children under 10
Last of many addresses, over 7 in the last three years.
2987 Madrona Dr.
Long View Washington 98632

Signed, by a concerned citizen.

UPDATE March 2009: An anonymous contributor has spotted Nonnemaker at the FOREST CAMP, for State of Oregon low level offenders who are close to the gate, which means Nonnemaker will be paroling in Oregon within months...

John Michael Madden

John Michael Madden

Make no mistake--- This is a very intelligent man. An intelligent sociopath is especially dangerous when he has never been held accountable for any of his crimes. John is a manipulator who likes to use police as muscle. Imagine someone so hateful that he would live in utter filth to avoid sharing his free digs with anyone else.

While living in that filth, he repeatedly called police and reported imaginary meth labs and building code
violations in order coerce others into getting his way, or harass them when he didn't. This schmuck also abandoned two pregnant cats who both had kittens down in that mess he called home. Playing "mind games" with mentally handicapped persons and bullying the elderly are his traits, but since he is a self-proclaimed genius, there's no end to what he could contemplate.

The Dude is bad news wherever he roams.

Robert Piggott

Robert Piggott and
Jason Murray

Federal confidential in formant in the case:

usa vs. David Behar
John Lagace
Lyndsey Hogue
and Tara Bergstrand

"I know him personally, he tried to set me up. These people were indicted in the largest LSD bust of this millennium so far. I went to federal prison in 1994, on an LSD charge because of a federal informant. I knew what Robert Piggott was, and I fucked him with his own (bad) information. However, two other people David Behar and John Lagace are still facing serious time because of him.

Jason Benjamin Murray, and Robert C. Piggott cooperated with the feds, that's where he started to work for special agent Michael K Robinson. Jason Benjamin Murray received a "5k1" for his cooperation with the feds by turning Robert Piggott onto his Canadian hells angels connection--- Devron Quast.

Jason Benjamin Murray still got 10 years, even with his 5k1, so he looked like a standup guy when he turned Robert Piggott on to his connection Devron Quast. Now Devron Quast and the boys from Canada are all locked up for life in a federal super max, while Robert Piggott continues to travel the country with impunity.

From anonymous reader

submitted by
John W. Neidig, OSB # 88276,
415 NW 18th Avenue
Portland, OR 97219
Attorney for Defendant, Robert Charles Piggott

note-- another reader emailed us saying it was not Piggot involved, so we replied asking for more info. We asked for anything to substantiate their claims, but as of 7-1-2009 we have gotten no response.

Then, we received this post from another visitor---

I have all the proof in the world that ROBERT C. PIGGOTT D.O.B: 07/12/73 is the federal confidential informant in the recent case in Watsonville. Enclosed you will find a copy of the indictment along with as much proof as I can put together today. The proof is endless. As I’m sure you know a lie has no leg to stand on, it must be supported by more and more lie.

I grew up in NJ. By 1988 when I was 16, I began attending Grateful Dead shows. I saw a lot of shows in 1989—1990 including Brent's complete final tour. Didn’t miss one show that summer. In 1990 after the summer tour I attended college in FT. Lauderdale Fl, where I graduated with a degree of International Business. In those four years, I attended more Grateful Dead shows than college classes. After graduation, I left for the summer tour.

At the end of the summer tour I attended the three JGB shows at the Warfield sometime around August 15 16 17. On August 18th I returned home to Lauderdale and walked right into a DEA setup in which I handed a confidential informant 3500 hits of freshly laid soaking wet white blotter hand perforated. It was the biggest mistake of my life. The DEA wanted me to join the team and rat out my friends. I couldn’t do that. I loved Jerry, and the (family). I went directly to Federal Prison. Fresh out of college, and barely a man of 22. I ended up serving 46 months in federal prison and 5 years of supervised release which ended in 2003.

I am well known in the bay area.

Last year I had the unfortunate luck of stumbling across this piece of shit Robert Piggott, you see he was using this woman and her 2 children to work his way in with what’s left of the scene. I was immediately informed by my friends that he was no good, but my new girlfriend who was his friend wouldn’t believe me and so he ended up hanging around me.

Knowing that he was a rat, every time I met with him, I was very guarded, and I kept my hands clean as I watched him deal all sorts of drugs. I made sure not to be involved in any of his schemes, but I had a front row seat. All the while I was waiting to see the outcome.

Then he began to focus all of his energy on trying to get me to commit felonies. I played along and led him along to think that I might do something for him, until it came to a boiling point--- in which he lured me to a hotel room and then tried to get me to accept something that would result in a life sentence... at that point I clearly embarrassed him in front of his DEA handlers Javier Pena and Michael K. Robinson, who were gathered around waiting to kick the door in. My hands were clean and there was nothing they could do to me. That’s when the news broke, that big wave Dave Behar has been indicted.



The indictment refers to Dave as "Wavy Davy"---Everyone knows Dave as "Big Wave", and Piggott was the only person who ever referred to him as 'Wavy". He did so in that hotel room, which was meant to be a reverse sting on myself---when he was attempting to get me to receive a jar (of LSD).

The CS refers to DMT as "orange goo"---A friend and I repeatedly heard him talking about the orange goo. In the wee hours of the morning, on November 29th (the date of the Behar arrest), Robert Piggott quietly crept out of our house (he was sleeping on our couch)
The CS provided Behar with a number of compact disks and a bottle---(Piggott used our home computer to burn disks that night and he brandished the bottle in my home.

The currency was all in 100 dollar bills---Piggott like to brag about all his drug money always being in crisp 100 dollar bills

The Agent noted that the CS saw flakes in the bottle--- PIGGOTT, on several occasions, JUGGLED A BOTTLE LIKE A WORTHLESS TRINKET in front of me, attempting to get me to look at the flakes with A BLACK LIGHT--- I TURNED MY HEAD AND REFUSED and told him to put it away. THIS IS THE SAME BUY BUST SIGNAL HE WAS TRYING TO USE ON ME. When confronted about his whereabouts during the Sting on "Big Wave", ROBERT PIGGOTT stated it couldn’t have been him, he was on a plane to Denver early that morning. A search of flight records revealed that he didn’t really fly to Denver until later that evening, I forget, either 5:30 pm or 8:30pm (we have the flight record somewhere). His flight left from San Jose, giving him plenty of time to debrief with the Government and then vacate the bay area.

Over the weeks leading up to the arrest, PIGGOTT scored on
three different occasions a five jar, another five jar, and then
2 grams. The DEA initially charged John Lagace with the 15 grams they found, then miraculously the count went to 27, hence the 3 previous purchases. 15 + 5 + 5 + 2

Robert Piggott called Dave in Hawaii and paid for his flight to California to lure him into this trap. Big Waves girlfriend Lyndsay was Robert Piggott’s ex girlfriend. He was seriously scorned, and although he pretended to be Dave’s friend, he harbored a deep rooted hatred for him. Robert Piggott was one of only a handful of people that Dave would serve.

After the Behar bust, Robert Piggott could not be located by his friends for several days, from the time of the bust until my meeting with him in the hotel, meant to be a reverse sting on me.

THE EVIDENCE GOES ON AND ON AND ON--- A LIE HAS NO LEGS TO STAND ON SO IT MUST BE SUPPORTED BY MORE AND MORE LIES. He has an answer for everything, but nothing he says adds up. Beware:.. this man is a predator that feeds on the poor hippies. He is armed with (at the bare minimum) a knife, which he attempted to stab me with at a recent Mickey Hart show in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania where I confronted him about being a rat. He has an extensive criminal history and he is driven purely by his love of money.


And yet a third interested party had this to say---

Jason Benjamin Murray, and Robert c Piggott cooperated with the feds, that's where he started to work for special agent Michael k Robinson. Jason Benjamin Murray received a 5k1 for his cooperation with the feds by turning Robert Piggott onto his Canadian hells angels connection Devron Quast. Jason Benjamin Murray still got 10 years with his 5k1 so he looked like a standup. Now Devron Quast and his boys from Canada are all locked up for life in a federal super max.

Robert Piggott continues to travel the country with impunity. this guy is bad news.

Riny Horst

RINY “in God we trust” HORST

AKA: Rinold Horst, Reinhold Horst, Rinold W. Horst


Our story begins when “Riny” met our elderly friend. “Riny” sings “country gospel” music and operates “RWJ Productions and Ministries” in the other half of the duplex he and his wife owns, and our friend is a community TV producer and volunteer. We didn’t find out about “Riny” until about the time our elderly friend had signed a durable power of attorney, naming Rinold W. Horst as his agent-in-fact. Riny also had named medical attorney-in-fact, guardian AND conservator. We only found out about the power of attorney and the new will, when the bill from the attorney came in the mail.

“Riny” had claimed he was taking our friend to doctor’s appointments, but secretly, “Riny” was taking our elderly friend to see an attorney for an estate plan. Everything was kept a secret until after the document was signed, giving “Riny” total control of everything of any value that our elderly friend had, including his life. Somehow, our friend got the impression that he could not revoke the power of attorney without “serious consequences”, so he thought he was powerless to stop “Riny” from doing whatever he wanted to do, since Riny was using "THE LAW" to take advantage.

“Riny” took immediate advantage of his authority, immediately upon finding out that our elderly friend was hospitalized. While our friend was hospitalized, but not on his death bed, “Riny” was preparing to sell our friends home without his knowledge or permission. He used his power of attorney to keep us from knowing the medical condition of our friend, we weren’t supposed to find out when he was released to a convalescent center, in an apparent attempt to isolate our friend from us. “Riny” put in an address change so the mail was diverted to him. He seized our friends checking account, making himself the primary account holder. “Riny” attempted evictions to vacate the house in order to sell it. Our friend could have been home before then, but for “Riny’s” orders for him to remain in the care facility---and out of the way. There is also information available that suggests that someone may have been using our elderly friend’s information for credit purposes months before this, but that issue has not been resolved at this time.

An elderly man would have had no home to go back to, because of “Rinold Horst". But we saved our elderly friend, even though “Riny” still tried to use the power of attorney after it had been revoked, for a forcible entry and detainer, which “Riny” lost. “Riny” also tried to claim our friend was impaired by dementia and not able to handle his own affairs, but he failed to convince the Judge of that. His wife Kathy, apparently works for some State agency, and since she involved herself, perhaps she should bear some responsibility as well. Kathy Horst must not work for Adult protective Services, because that State Agency has been in on this battle from its early stages, but what if this woman who may be involved in fraud against the elderly was, say, working for Child protective services? Would you be confident in how she handles that job?

But we’re not done yet. Anyone with a similar experience with Riny, please email us, we want to hear about your experiences. We would like to see Riny Horst prosecuted for financial fraud against the elderly---we believe he may have done this before and would like to see him held accountable for any past abuses as well. We need your help to tell the whole story.

Below is some info gathered from all public information sources--- all appearing to coincide with the time he spent living in his duplex. Of course, public records are not infallible, but this does make you wonder why his name is associated with so many addresses, simultaneously...

Found On The World Wide Web

RINY HORST--- Record Created: 11/1999
Owner(s) Name PORTER FRANK D---DOB 17 May 1933---Passed 1 Dec 1999
Owner Address 7335 SE DIVISION ST, PORTLAND OR 97206
BARGAIN /SALE DEED 2004025324 $0.00
10/27/2003 WARRANTY DEED 2003257338 $105,000.00
09/22/2003 WARRANTY DEED 2003233852 $75,000.00
INSTRUMENT 07480603 $0.00

RINOLD W HORST--- Record Created: 11/2004
Owner(s) Name DAVIS FORREST (born Aug 1938?)
DAVIS FORREST---DOB 14 Mar 1923---Passed 26 Jun 2004
08/25/2005 WARRANTY DEED 2005162629 $233,000.00
08/16/2004 WARRANTY DEED 2004150977 $220,000.00
08/01/1988 WARRANTY DEED 21520125 $0.00
DIS MARRIAGE D9505-65491 $0.00

RINOLD W HORST (Born Nov 1949)--- Record Created: 06/2000
07/18/2007 WARRANTY DEED 2007131564 $248,900.00
08/25/2005 WARRANTY DEED 2005164132 $147,500.00
02/27/2004 BARGAIN/ SALE DEED 2004034449 $24,000.00
01/13/2004 QUIT CLAIM DEED 2004008335 $24,000.00
04/01/1997 WARRANTY DEED 97060141 $34,000.00

RINOLD WILLIAM HORST--- Record Created: 05/2006
State ID: 1N2E18CB- 9400 (the Duplex)
Date of transaction

Grantor (Seller) HORST, RINOLD W
Grantee(Buyer) HORST, RINOLD W & KATHY
BARGAIN & SALE DEED Instrument 01062519
Consideration Amount $0.00

Date of transaction
Grantee(Buyer) HORST, RINOLD W
WARRANTY DEED Instrument 98053538
Consideration Amount $136,000

REINHOLD HORST--- DOB: 7/1959--- record created: 8-18-2004
337 Brightwood Court, Monmouth OR, 97361
PO BOX 384, MONMOUTH, OR 97361 (503) 838-5574
also listed at this address---Marjorie Jean Horst--- DOB: 7/1959
Bradley C Horst---DOB: 7/1959 (All 3 the same DOB as Riny?)